The Historic Coca Cola Ad on 262 4th Street East Will Disappear on Feb. 1, 2018

Here’s a little bit of midweek irony: You know Coca Cola? The mega corporate soft drink company that plays a huge role in the global diabetes/national obesity epidemic (speculative) ? Well – they painted an advertisement on the side of 262 Studios (4th Street East between Wacouta St. and Wall St.) some time back and now the lettering and color has faded just enough to be charming without feeling like I’m being advertised to. But with the new construction site underway, the Coca Cola ad will soon be eclipsed by a newer, taller, probably less “charming” building. Ironically, I find myself clinging to the street view of the Coca Cola advertisement because I can’t really imagine the new building will offer the same sense of nostalgic comfort. BUT ALSO – MAYBE I’M WRONG. After all, this is how advertising works, right? According to Oaks Properties, the building is set to be complete on February 18th, 2018. How does it look from your point of view?


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